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GACON Wins NEPC Award for Non-Oil Export

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The Gum Arabic Company Nigeria Limited (GACON LIMITED) started export operations in 1996 as an Agribusiness company specializing in the Export of various Agricultural Commodities, Herbs and Botanicals worldwide. Our mission is to Source, Process and Supply best quality materials to her teaming customers at the best possible prices, while ensuring that products offered are wholly Natural products. GACON LTD’s flagship products include Fresh and Dried split ginger, Dried split Turmeric, Dried hibiscus flower (full flower and siftings), Gum Arabic of all grades, Hot chili Pepper, Cassia Tora Seeds, Dried Kolanuts and Prosopis Juliflora. Over the years, GACON Ltd had developed a global customer base which includes reputable Manufacturing, Processing and Trading companies in the United States, Britain, Germany, India, Russia, Bulgaria, Central America, France, Italy, etc.

Dried Split  Ginger Fresh Ginger Dried Hibiscus Flour Dried Split Turmeric Cassia Tora Seeds Seed Of Prosopis Juliflora Gum Arabic (Grade 1) Gum Arabic (Grade 2) Gum Arabic (Grade 3) Dried Kolanut Dried Chili Peppper

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27 Apr 2022

Why Nigeria must encourage non-oil export activities- Exporter

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28 Nov 2022

Gum Arabic company wins Nigerian export awards

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25 Sep 2023

NPA, Customs to boost agro exports

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